Jamie Bell Revealed as Voice of Griffin in New Jumper Video Game

February 11, 2008

Jamie Bell Revealed as Voice of ‘Griffin’ in
New Jumper Video Game

Jumper: Griffin’s Story is the exciting new video
game from Brash Entertainment that is based off the film Jumper, the eagerly
anticipated science fiction-action-thriller from Twentieth Century Fox and
Regency Enterprises. Adding film authenticity to the player’s experience, Brash
Entertainment has confirmed that the role of ‘Griffin’ in the game is voiced by
Jamie Bell, who also plays ‘Griffin’ in the Jumper film.

Jumper: Griffin’s Story extends the film’s
storyline, following ‘Griffin’, a battle-hardened Jumper determined to avenge
the death of his parents at the hands of the Paladins. As ‘Griffin’ player’s
will have the ability to experience the character first hand as he battles
through exotic locales around the world, on a quest to find his parent’s killer.

“It’s flattering that someone has seen my
character and wanted to make it into a video game,” Jamie said about his
participation. “Griffin is a unique character and I think if people respond to
the movie they’ll love the game.”

Click here to download the new Jumper video.

Jamie Bell is best known for his role as ‘Billy
Elliot’ in the film of the same name, a role that won him a Best Actor award at
the 2001 British Academy Awards (BAFTAs). Since then, Jaime has gone on to play
instrumental roles in such films as Nicholas Nickleby (2002), King Kong (2005),
Flags of Our Fathers (2006), and most recently as ‘Griffin’ in Jumper.

Jumper: Griffin’s Story will be available for the
PLAYSTATION 2, the Wii, and Xbox 360. The game is available tomorrow February
12, 2008 at North American retailers, and will be followed by the theatrical
release on February 14, 2008. This game is rated ‘T’ for Teen by the ESRB. For
more information about the movie please visit

,and for more information about the game
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