JAMDAT offers a wide variety of great mobile games for your cell phone

offers a wide variety of great mobile games for your cell phone

by Rob Watkins

mobile games become more popular, the quality begins to grow. JAMDAT’s E3
lineup was a collection of impressive, accessible, and easy to play games.

Lord of the Rings

This game looked a lot like the old 8-bit Nintendo side-scrollers from long
ago, but offered gameplay elements not found in those. The game follows
Aragorn as he battles his way through Middle Earth. On your adventure you will
run into platform jumping segments, some minor puzzle solving, and even the
option of stealth by hiding behind bushes and other objects. Battle is handled
with an attack button that is conveniently mapped near the movement keys. This
looked like a fun adventure game, and should be available this summer.

Samurai was a slightly better-looking game than Lord of the Rings, but had
much simpler gameplay. There weren’t as many gameplay options in this one, but
the graphics were a little better, and the simpler gameplay made it an easy
pick-up/put-down game. The main character is a samurai style warrior that
slashes at enemies that run at him across 6 different levels. It’s a
straightforward hack and slash game that’s perfect for a cell phone. This one
should also be out in the summer.

JAMDAT Mini Golf
Having mini golf on your cell phone is probably one of the perfect ways to
kill some time while waiting in line or for that important call. JAMDAT brings
18 holes of mini golf to your cell phone, allowing you to play a few holes or
the full course whenever, wherever. The only course released at the moment is
a tiki themed one, but I was told more will be downloadable later. Controls
are simple; you rotate your character left and right, then press the shoot
button to set the power of your shot. Different obstacles, traps, and hazards
will force you to vary your strategy and look for better ways to lower your
score. Mini Golf will be available this summer.

JAMDAT Air Hockey
Air Hockey is another one of those great time killing games. The basic rules
apply; try to sink the puck into your opponent’s goal while protecting your
own. While you can’t control the movement of your striker in this air hockey
game, it auto aims at the puck and all you have to do is hold the 5 button to
get the right amount of power an release to strike. This was a lot of fun and
a great casual game.

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