Jak and Daxter Collection Coming February 2012

You know, just a week or so ago I realized "Hey! I've never played a Jak and Daxter game!" I've heard from various people that it's one hell of a series, and knowing that the action-platformer was helmed by the same studio as the legendary Uncharted series, I figured it might be time to pick up some of these classics for my collection. Thankfully, Sony saved me a trip to GameStop, by announcing the mostly finalized details in a just released trailer. 

Looks awesome… but wait! Where the hell is Jak X: Combat Racing!? How can this claim to be the definitive Jak & Daxter experience without including the frantic racing action of Jak X!? 

Also, does anyone else find it weird that the games are titled first "Jak II" then "Jak 3?" Did they just decide roman numerals were silly or what?