Jaffe: What he wants to see from rumored God of War IV game

Yesterday it was rumored that Sony's Santa Monica Studios could be working on God of War IV.  After Sony released a Tester Season 3 promo, the keen eyes from Dualshock Nexus noticed Kratos and what appears to be a never-before-seen platform on some of the computer screens.  With that evidence coupled with the time of the filming, it was reasonably assumed that a new God of War game was in development.

PlayStation Network Executive Producer, Kevin Furuichi, has since addressed the rumors claiming what was seen was "old footage from God of War III".

While that very well could be true, we all know rumors don't die out that easily.  It wouldn't be the first time a studio has tried to cover up a leak.  Needless to say, fans aren't buying Furuichi's comments and it has led to even more speculation and opinions – most notably from a fellow PS3-exclusive developer and former God of War director, David Jaffe. 

For those unfamiliar, David Jaffe is the co-direct/co-lead designer of the new Twisted Metal and the director/lead designer of God of War 1.  Naturally, fans want his opinion.

When asked where he would like God of War IV to go, assuming the rumors are true, Jaffe replied:

"Zelda formula, multiple mythologies, more nuance to Kratos."

Pretty solid direction, in such a few words, if you ask me.  Of course, his "Zelda formula" response could mean multiple things, but if I had to assume I would venture to guess a system that's fairly open world, but you can't access every area until you find a certain item or attain a certain ability.

We've now heard from Jaffe, but what about you?  What would you like to see from a possible God of War IV?