Jaffe confirms user created car skins

Director and designer of Twisted Metal, David Jaffe, has confirmed that user created skins will be a part of the new Twisted Metal title for PS3.

Vehicles on Twisted Metal will be customizable…in the skins department at least. Talking with fans on his Twitter page, Jaffe gave a little look into details surrounding user generated car skins. According to MP1st, starting next week, fans of the series will be able to start adding the custom skins to the official Twisted Metal website. Once uploaded, players will be able to download the skins in game. I guess I'll have to start getting my creative juices flowing because I'm absolutely going to love pimping out my Twisted Metal ride. It is just necessary. 

Twisted Metal is exclusive to the PS3 and will be available on Valentine's Day, February 14 with the option to add skins to the website coming before the game is released. See you then, Twisted Metal fans. [Twitter]