Jackass the Game for the PlayStation 2 and PSP Hits Retail Today

September 26, 2007

Jackass the Game for the PlayStation 2 and PSP
Hits Retail Today

Red Mile Entertainment and MTV Games announced
today the release of Jackass the game for the PlayStation 2 and PSP

Inspired by the popular MTV television series and
hugely successful MTV Films Jackass and Jackass number two, Jackass the game is
a natural extension of the Jackass property, taking it to new heights as the
highly anticipated mission-based action adventure game comes to videogame
systems for the first time. Jackass the game allows players to interact and play
the roles of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Jason “Wee Man” Acuna and many others
from the Jackass gang as they virtually perform more than 35 ill-conceived
stunts and pranks. Whether they’re covering themselves in a variety of bodily
secretions, playing rock-paper-nuts, or racing down a mountain on top of
refrigerators, gamers will spend countless hours entertaining themselves as they
engage in countless hysterical situations that have been deemed too gross for
the Jackass crew to try up until now.

“We’ve always warned our fans not to try this at
home, but now with the new jackass video game, players finally get a chance to
try all the dumb stuff we do at home…but only within the game of course. I mean
we don’t need you little jerks gettin’ any funny ideas. Heh heh….Wahoo!” said
Johnny Knoxville, star of MTV’s Jackass.

“We’re thrilled to bring the hilarious comedy and
irreverence of Jackass to the world of video games,” said Tony Calandra, VP MTV
Games. “The vision and extreme nature of the show and movies are faithfully
recreated in the game – from all the outlandish and bizarre stunts to the
signature, in your face Jackass humor.”

Jackass the game features dynamic physics,
detailed ragdoll modeling, and rich, populated levels for truly emergent
gameplay – no two stunts will ever be the same. A detailed in-game injury system
tracks every impact: from virtually broken femurs to cracked skulls. The more
punishment that the player inflicts upon the Jackass characters, the higher the
player’s score. Jackass the game also offers a variety of multiplayer features
that allow players to go jackass to jackass for even more intense and
competitive action.

For additional entertainment, the PSP system
version contains unlockable footage from the Jackass TV series that lets players
see the pros in action. A fully-realized replay engine allows players to save
their very own signature Jackass moments with detailed camera controls and
editing features. Players can also trade their saved replays and clips with
other players via the PSP system’s wireless functionality.

To inspire gamers to create and perform the most
outrageous stunts as humanly possible, Jackass the game features more than 25
songs from renowned artists including The Misfits, Circle Jerks, Skinny Puppy,
The Minutemen, Chris Pontius, Nashville Pussy and more. With song titles such as
Live Fast and Die Young, Corona and Swamp Boogie, the music provides the perfect
atmosphere for players to perform outlandish stunts in the game and virtually
indulge in Jackass behavior.

The list of songs in Jackass the game include:

Artist – Song

  • Anti- Nowhere League – I Hate People
  • Balzac – Wall
  • Cakecutter – Nude Country
  • Circle Jerks – Live Fast and Die Young
  • Circle Jerks – I’m Gonna Live
  • CKY – 96 Quite Bitter Things
  • Datsuns, The – Sittin’ Pretty
  • Datsuns, The – What Would I Know
  • Deviants, The – Let’s Loot the Supermarket
  • Marginal Man – Friend
  • Minutemen, The – Corona
  • Misfits, The – Spinal Remains
  • Nashville Pussy – Come On, Come On
  • Nashville Pussy – Hate and Whiskey
  • Pontius, Chris – Karazy
  • Pontius, Chris – Swamp Boogie
  • Rohen, Dave – Party Boy Theme
  • Skinny Puppy – Politikil
  • Smut Peddlers – Coppers
  • Smut Peddlers – Do the Flop
  • Turbonegro – Selfdestructo Blast
  • Turbonegro – Prince of the Rodeo
  • Vandals, The – Urban Struggle
  • Virginia City Revival – Drink For Free
  • Wade, Roger Alan – BB Gun
  • Wade, Roger Alan – If You’re Gonna Be Dumb,
    You Gotta Be Tough

“Jackass is a fantastic property and a perfect
fit for gamers,” said Chester Aldridge, CEO of Red Mile Entertainment. “By
bringing the Jackass series to the videogame space, we are delivering a
compelling and entertaining interactive experience for consumers.”

The independent Entertainment Software Rating
Board (ESRB) has rated jackass the game M for Mature, descriptors include crude
humor, language, mild blood, sexual themes, and violence.

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