Iwata kicks off Nintendo Direct with Wii U apologies

At the start of Japan's Nintendo Direct presentation, President Satoru Iwata briefly spoke about the issues concerning the Wii U — primarily the long loading times and annoying system updates, two issues Iwata apologized for.

They are also two issues that Iwata confirmed Nintendo was working on finding a solution for. Iwata didn't exactly say when or what Nintendo planned to do to address these issues, but they can start with the speed it takes for system updates to download. What should've been a simplistic plug in and play experience when the Wii U launched turned into hours of waiting for the day-one update to download. 

Iwata also talked about Wii U stock availability in Japan, once again apologizing for the shortages of the Wii U Premium Set. For now, consumers will likely have to deal with the shortages.

For those of you who can understand Japanese, below is the full presentation. The first fix I'd like to see made is with the loading times. What do you want to see addressed first with the Wii U?