It’s Tee Time! Microsoft Golf 2001 Spotted on Store Shelves







Microsoft today announced that Golf 2001 has
started to appear on store shelves. There have been several reports of its
availability at locations throughout the United States, and full domestic
distribution is expected by early September. Microsoft Golf 2001 is the
easiest way to enjoy a fun round of golf on the PC.

Microsoft Golf 2001’s easy-to-use features get
players into the game quickly. There are lessons to teach players how to aim,
swing, putt, and more. The one-click Easy Swing interface makes it simple for
beginners to hit that perfect shot every time. Golf 2001 also keeps the
challenge fresh with a variety of game and course options. Seven unique
courses allow players to experience different course layouts and terrain. With
eight different golfer animations as well as ten different types of games,
beginner PC golfers will find variety and challenge with every click of the
mouse. Microsoft Golf 2001 is based on Links LS technology, the best-selling
golf sim of all-time.

Microsoft offers golf gamers two compelling
titles this year: Links 2001 and Microsoft Golf 2001. Designed for different
segments of the golf market, the games complement each other by broadening the
PC golf experience to include both the new and seasoned golfer. Microsoft Golf
2001 is designed with the new PC golfer in mind, with easy-to-use features and
a one-click Easy Swing interface. Links 2001 is targeted at the serious PC
golfer who wants an in-depth golf experience and appreciates a wide range of
features, including the ability to expand his/her course library. With an
all-new graphics engine and the addition of the Arnold Palmer Course Designer,
Links 2001 features the most significant upgrade to the series in over a

Microsoft Golf 2001 has an estimated street
price of US$19.95. To learn more about the game, go to: 

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