It’s looking like Rime may not be a PS4 exclusive anymore

More details coming in 2017

Things haven't been going well for Rime, but you have to hand it to developer Tequila Works for not throwing in the towel on the game. Despite being in the dark for so long (which is never a good sign), the developer recently reassured fans that the game is still in development. A new press release that came out today revealed that two small game publishers, Grey Box and Six Foot will be helping Tequila Works publish Rime sometime next year. 

What the press release also revealed is that there will be new gameplay and "platform availability details" to come in early 2017. The game will also allegedly release later on in 2017, so it's clear that Tequila Works is making a big push to make this game become a reality.

Gamestop also signed a publishing deal with Tequila Works as a part of their new venture into the game publishing business alongside Ready at Dawn and Frozenbyte. Suffice it to say, there has been mounting evidence that Tequila Works has moved away from Rime being a PS4 exclusive, all we really need is an official confirmation which looks like it'll be happening next year.

Source: [Gamespot