It’s Lara Croft’s birthday — let’s celebrate by remembering her weird butler

Today is Valentine's Day, but it's also the birthday of game character Lara Croft, the star of the Tomb Raider series.

Online PC games service DotEmu marked the occasion on its Facebook page along the with following video (below).

The clip is captured from an earlier Tomb Raider — back when you could explore Lara's mansion and practice her gymnastic and shooting skills. Fans have plenty of weird memories of Winston the butler in particular. To me, the strangest was in Tomb Raider 3, where you could acquire a gun at Croft Manor and use it to shoot Winston, who would raise his tea tray in defense.

No matter how many bullet holes you put in his soft, elderly body, poor Winston always got back up, following you wherever you went and rattling that creepy tray of his. I can still hear his groans as he climbed the mansion's stairs despite his aching bones.

Excuse me while I shudder.

DotEmu has also shared one of its favorite memories: locking Winston in the walk-in fridge.

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