It’s a crash course in the history of video games in just under 6 minutes

Fancy yourself a video game enthusiast but don't want to spend hours reading about the history through countless books? Just turn to Playerdotme, who presents the history of video games in an easily digestible, and to the point video that starts from the very first cathode ray "game" going all the way to present day next-gen console releases, titled Evolution of Gaming.

And even though a lot of these facts are pretty common knowledge, you do forget some things. For example, I completely forgot about Atari's handheld, that also had the first color LCD screen, the Lynx! Or maybe that the Dreamcast was the first ever console with a built in modem for online play. After watching this video, you can be that cool guy at the party spouting all sorts of video game history knowledge. Yeah! That's right, I said cool.