It looks like The Last Guardian has gotten a permanent price cut

Good news for gamers who waited it out...

The Last Guardian was one of the most mythical games ever to have graced the industry for all the years that its future lay in doubt. Although its eventual release was a little bit quieter than many were probably expecting, it was just unreal to have it in your hands finally. A Sony representative has confirmed to Polygon that just eight weeks after its long-awaited debut, The Last Guardian will now officially retail for $39.99.

While it may seem quite soon, it's more of a reflection on the ever-present momentum of the game release calendar. Games simply shuffle in and out of the limelight far quicker than they used to, and the best way for games to stay relevant is for them to cut their prices down. Hopefully, this move ends up working out well for The Last Guardian.

The Last: Guardian is getting a companion book that will release at the end of this month called The Last Guardian: An Extraordinary Story on February 28th, 2017. The book will talk all about the game's long and troubled development as well as more details on the game's largely ambiguous world.

If you haven't already picked up The Last Guardian, there has not been a better time.

Source: [Polygon via Gamespot]