It looks like something is happening for No Man’s Sky dev Hello Games


The No Man's Sky developers haven't been shy about how hard it has been to work on the game and after the last delay, all fans want to hear is some good news for the game. After the death threats, the founder of Hello Games (the developers behind No Man's Sky) has been relatively silent… until now.

Before you get your underwear in a bunch, Sean Murray (the founder of Hello Games) did not take to Twitter with a crazy announcement. No, that would be too much. Instead, the founder teased that something was "happening." 

It started with a simple statement, sans punctuation, then grew into a caps locked statement with punctuation.

Can you feel the excitement?

Admittedly, Murray's tweets are vague at best. They could be pointed towards anything, but we can only hope the tweets are regarding No Man's Sky going gold and being entirely done with the development process.