It looks like someone might be preparing a BioShock announcement

Why make people follow the Twitter now?

Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick has been calling the BioShock "important" for a while now. There have been countless emails and teases from Microsoft that outright said the series would be coming to the Xbox One via backwards compatibility, but we have yet to see it happen.

Heck, an HD Collection for the BioShock series has made an appearance on more than one market and neither Take-Two Interactive or 2K has yet to even make a comment about it. 

It appears as though they are preparing… for something.

Recently, 2K (a subset of Take-Two Interactive) has begun endorsing the official BioShock Twitter. 

Apparently, the account was created in October 2015, but has not been active or had any followers until now. 2K wouldn't be pushing people to follow BioShock on Twitter unless there was an announcement coming…

Now, if you head to the BioShock Facebook page, you will be greeted with an announcement for Big Daddy statues being out for delivery. Hopefully that isn't the announcement we are preaparing for.