It appears Devil’s Third won’t be published by Nintendo in North America

Developers need to find a new publishing partner

Recent information has uncovered that Nintendo of America will not be publishing Devil's Third in North America.

Youtuber Unseen64 has cited multiple sources indicating that Nintendo of America has lost faith in the game's development over multiple issues such as inconsistent framerate, aiming issues, laggy combat and one comment has the development Itagaki's newest title as "troubled at best". The Devil's Third made some interesting headlines when its creator chose to release the game as a Nintendo exclusive, which was an intriguing concept due to the console's low marketing power. 

Nintendo Europe is still publishing the game overseas, but if Itagaki still wishes to release the game in North America he'll need to enlist the help of a new publishing partner. Although he hasn't said so specifically, Itagaki's recent Facepost seems to corroborate the information as well citing that "I will release my Devil's Third in North/South America. My Will". More information is set to be announced by July 15th according to the report, and we'll keep you updated as it's released.