It appears another No Man’s Sky update is coming soon

Is there any saving it?

It appears that No Man's Sky is set to receive another update soon, if the game's PC page is anything to go by. 

It will be the third update that No Man's Sky has received since launch. The first Foundation update in early December brought in base building along with a photo mode and storage ships. After that, only a small bug fix update was released. No Man's Sky in no uncertain terms had a disastrous launch. From being sued for false advertising to promising things that never appeared in game, Hello Games took a lot of deserved heat, to the point it became the worst game on Seam.

Although some reactions were of course inappropriate in themselves, the venom spewed at Sean Murray and Hello Games reached levels never seen before in gaming. There is no word on whether or not this update is a minor bug fix or something more substantial, but what would you expect it to be? Let us know below.