Is Square Enix Rebranding?

It seems that Square Enix may be rebranding itself in the near future. According to Destructoid, the company has filed a trademark for a new name. The company’s apparent title of choice: Square.

Now, most of you will remember that Square was actually the company’s original name. After the merger with Enix Corporation, the entity was known as Square Enix. If the speculation is correct, then it’s likely that Square Enix will go back to basics with its name and simply be known as Square.

It should be noted that a lot of gamers still simply refer to the company as Square. Will the name change spell an internal change within the company? We’ll have to wait and see. Most importantly, we’ll have to see if Square Enix really changes its name, or if it’s simply filing the trademark for the same reason other companies file so many trademarks (they want to own everything).

If Square Enix does rebrand itself, let’s hope the name change is the start of something special. Let’s face it, the company hasn’t done too much that’s really noteworthy over the past couple of years. Here’s hoping Square Enix doesn’t just change its name, but its attention to fine products, as well.