Is this what the Wii U box art looks like?

Retailers Amazon, Target, and Best Buy have updated their product listings for several Wii U games, potentially revealing what the Wii U's game box art may look like when titles begin to hit store shelves later this year.

The box design is fairly simple with a white Wii U logo set atop a blue convex backbround with a yellow outline. Below that is the game's main image. In the top right corner of certain games is the logo of the new Nintendo Network. Overall, it's very similar to the box design of the Nintendo Gamecube's games.

At this point, it's unclear as to whether these images are new placeholders for Wii U products or if this is what the final design will look like. Nintendo has not yet confirmed to the legitimacy of the images.

The release date for the Wii U has still not been revealed, but Nintendo did announce a Holiday 2012 release window which means we should see the new console this year. Meanwhile, a leaked photo of a GameStop listing has revealed many of the Wii U's expected launch titles.

Regardless of release date, Nintendo maintains their firm stance that pricing for the Wii U is the "most important" element and that to avoid the same mistake they ran into with the 3DS, the Wii U will be priced "reasonably".