Is this the Xbox One and PS4 box art?

Electronic Arts might have provided a glimpse at what the box art for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games will look like. Now that the Xbox One has been announced, the publisher has listed both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Battlefield 4, along with their box art designs. It's unclear if these are legit or merely mock-ups made by EA.

If they are genuine, it means Sony is shifting to a new blue theme, similar to that of its PlayStation Vita line. Given the cross-buy and cross-play promotions Sony has been offering with its games, it would only make sense that they'd want to somewhat unify the two platforms. Current PS3 games have a silver/black look to them.

Microsoft, on the other hand, seems keen on sticking to its green theme, though the coloring appears to be of a darker shade. Unlike the 360 box art, the Xbox One cases are more of a solid green color with no fancy swirls or distractions.

If these are indeed real, which do you like more: the PS4 or Xbox One box art?