Is the Wii U in Development Hell?

If you follow video game news closely, then you're probably aware of two things. First, often reveals rumors, only for those rumors to turn out true, in turn making the site a reliable source. Second, Nintendo is no stranger to rushing a platform just to get it out hastily, a fact proven by the 3DS, which will now feature an add-on analog nub. has once again provided a notable tidbit of information, and given the site's track record, it's very possible that this one is true, too. It turns out Nintendo's upcoming console, the Wii U, may very well be in development hell. According to the leak site, the company is trying to rush the development of the system, and things are kind of going haywire.

Among the problems is a flawed chip set that's pretty cheap and is causing problems for the developers. There are also issues with the wireless functions of the system. Apparently, the tablet controller (you know, that thing that's supposed to make the Wii U stand out) hardly works. Developers have been using wired controllers, but even these aren't functioning properly.

Not surprisingly, developers have grown tired and frustrated as they work on the Wii U. The system is supposedly set to launch sometime in June 2012, but with these issues, Nintendo is struggling to develop the system and fix its many problems, which could result in either a delay or a console that feels rushed upon release. Though this may all be rumor mill stuff, the source's resume speaks for itself, so it's very likely that this is all true.