Is the Vita playable at your local GameStop?

Select GameStop locations now have playable Vita systems available for your testing enjoyment … or scrutiny, if you're one of those anti-Vita people. According to Destructoid, you can play Sony's upcoming platform at more than 3,300 locations.

You can double-check on GameStop's website to see if your local retailer has the demo units available. I just checked myself, and I've got two GameStop stores about six minutes away from my house with playable Vtia handhelds. I should really head over there and check the thing out for myself.

Oh, and GameStop is running a pretty sweet promotion right now. Trade in your old handhelds and get an extra 25 bucks toward your Vita purchase. That's not shabby at all! Though I personally wouldn't do it since I get attached to all of my systems.

The Vita is definitely an impressive piece of hardware. I won't be picking one up at launch because I'm not exactly drowning in a pool of cash, but I do plan on picking the device up down the road. In the meantime, I think I'll check it out at my local GameStop. If you're even remotely intrigued by the Vita, you should, too.