Is Pokemon Snap 2 Coming to the Wii U?


Pokemon is a goddamn cash cow, with children the world over happily wasting their parent's money on Pokemon anime DVDs, trading cards, branded accessories and of course, video games. Obviously, the core Pokemon titles take up some serious development time (those 150 new monsters don't invent themselves you know), the interim beween these games filled with a deluge of sometimes bizarre tie-in titles, making sure young gamers always have a new Pokemon game to beg mom & dad for. 

Pokemon Snap is for lovers.

The undisputed king of these side-projects was a particularly shining gem for the Nintendo 64 known as Pokemon Snap. Here, players rode a monorail through variously themed stages, taking pictures of the Pokemon they saw and having them ranked by the kindly old Professor Oak. The game was maddeningly addictive, players constantly looking to outdo their best scores, as well as enjoying the hilarity of whipping an apple right at Pikachu's skull, then snapping a quick pic of the dazed and confused rodent.

Nothing is hotter than this Todd cosplay. NOTHING.

To help promote the game, the Pokemon anime introduced the character Todd, a Pokemon photographer and the eventual star of Pokemon Snap (also, a terrible dresser). And now, in an episode of the Pokemon anime just aired in Japan, a new Pokemon photographer has hit the scene: Robert.

Look at that tiny ass magazine scan! We call that PROOF

Sadly, we've been unable to find a copy of the episode in question, but you can clearly see from this awful magazine scan that Robert is holding a camera, and chasing after some horrifying pig bat thing (I do not know the names of any of the new Pokemon, nor do I care to learn them). Point is, I don't care what the magazine says, I care what my heart says, and my heart is telling me that Nintendo is ready to kick off the Wii U right, with a sequel to the best Pokemon-game ever released.

Wait… doesn't that giant tablet controller have a camera already built in? OH SNAP.