Is Naughty Dog’s next game set in space?

What is Naughty Dog working on? After launching The Last of Us earlier this year, many PlayStation fans had hoped Naughty Dog would reveal a new game for the PS4. After all, the studio is split into two dev teams, leaving one open to explore the next-gen.

The easy guess is that Naughty Dog will release a new Uncharted for the next-gen; however, recent teasers from both Naughty Dog and Geoff Keighley suggest the studio's new game could be something completely different — out of this world even. Is Naughty Dog's new game set in space?

Here's the evidence we have that would suggest such an idea:

Earlier this week, Naughty Dog's environment artist David Ballard tweeted that the team was visiting SpaceX (a space transport company based in California).

Yesterday, Geoff Keighley, host of GTTV and executive producer of the VGA Awards, teased the following image on NeoGAF.

Naughty Dog Alien

Shortly after, Keighley tweeted about an "epic night of PlayStation world premieres and announcements" at the upcoming PS4 All Access show.

And if not revealed there, there's also the 2013 VGA Awards in December. Naughty Dog's most recent game, The Last of Us, was actually revealed at the VGA Awards in 2011, so the studio definitely has some history with the show.

But wait! There's more even! A Naughty Dog employee, according to Worlds Factory, posted an image of a crafted sci-fi helmet.

Naughty Dog sci fi helmet

So is this enough evidence to convince you that Naughty Dog's next game is set in space? The studio has made quite a habit of lengthy teasers before game reveals, but this actually could have spanned all the way back to The Last of Us. In that game, there was a collectible comic book series called "Savage Starlight" (see image at very top) which just so happened to be set in space. On top of that, there's a website.