Is Final Fantasy X a HD remaster or a complete remake? Shinji Hashimoto answers.

When news of Final Fantasy X HD hit the blogosphere last September, it was automatically assumed the new version of Final Fantasy X for the PS3 and PlayStation Vita was to simply be a HD remaster, not a remake. As time moved on, the idea of Final Fantasy X HD being just a HD remaster became clouded as some individuals believed it would be a full-blown remake of the PS2 hit. With news announced late after the first announcement, it seemed the new Final Fantasy X HD would be a complete remake. In spite of the interview that hinted on a Final Fantasy X complete overhaul, Shinji Hashimoto finally confirmed yesterday at the 2012 Taipei Game Show FInal Fantasy X would not be a remake, but instead a HD remaster of the original game.

That may be dissapointing to some, but in the grand scheme of things, it is easier to remaster a game than to completely remake it. So, it is easy to understand why they are making the HD remaster instead. Plus, you'll be able to play through Final Fantasy X and watch Tidus laugh for an endless amount of time again a lot more soon now that it's a remaster. Speaking in an interview at the Taipei Game Show, Hashimoto was asked if Final Fantasy X for the PlayStation Vita was being developed as a HD remaster or a complete remake.

According to a NeoGAF user, Hashimoto responded, "The game is being developed like a HD Remaster, but the visuals will be much more improved compared to the original game, please look forward to it!" Thus, putting to rest any and all speculation of a full out remake of Final Fantasy X. There were no more details given on Final Fantasy X as most of the interview focused on suprise, surprise, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and upcoming downloadable content.

Final Fantasy X HD will be available for the PS3 and PS Vita. Rumors have been circulating that the game is to be released in late 2012/early 2013, but those rumors are absolutely only speculation at this point as no official release date has been announced by Square Enix.