Irving Schwartz Appointed New General of Persian Army!

Irving Schwartz Appointed New
General of Persian Army!

First winner of Tin Soldiers:
Alexander the Great’s “Win your own army” contest!

Staten Island, NY, December 3rd,
2004 – Matrix Games (
) and Koios Works ( )
are proud to announce that Mr. Irving Schwartz has won his very own Persian army
consisting of fifteen of the actual miniatures that were used to create the
digital Persian army in Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great.

We at Matrix Games took some time to
speak with General Schwartz about his potential upcoming plan for world
domination with the new army. He has gone on record saying “This is great.
Finally I’ll have a set of miniatures I didn’t have to paint myself!” Could this
be a clue to his dastardly plan to fend off the impending Greek invasion and bid
for world domination?

David Heath, Director of Operations
at Matrix Games said, “While we don’t condone world domination, except in our
games, it is always a pleasure to give back to our customers. We will continue
to work with Koios Works to bring new contests for the many hopeful generals of
the world and we give them our thanks for making this one possible.”

Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great
places you in the role of Alexander the Great during his conquest of the known
world. Guide Alexander through his grand campaign from inheriting his father’s
legacy at the battle of Thebes to his conquest of Darius III and the Persian
Empire through his last great battle at the Hydaspes, in the heart of Asia
against the Indian army of King Porus.

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