Iran Responds to Battlefield 3 with “Attack on Tel Aviv”

Iran is creating a new computer video game in response to EA's Battlefield 3.  The new game, which is being called Attack on Tel Aviv, is being created in retalation to EA and DICE's Battlefield 3 video game which was earlier banned in the country.

Speaking to FNA, Executive-Manager of Iran's National Foundation of Computer Games Behrooz Minaei said that the foundation will fund the project.  According to Minaei, many of Iran's computer game programmers have stepped up to contriute to the new game.

Iran had recently banned Battlefield 3, prohibiting stores from selling the game that depicts a U.S. assault on Tehran.

"All computer stores are prohibited from selling this illegal game," Iran's deputy police chief said.

Minaei said Iran has sent letters to EA and has protested Battlefield 3, but EA has yet to respond.  Minaei also said mentioned that Battlefield 3 has many technical and video faults, and cited the game's representation of Tehran is "unacceptable".

Obviously this is a very slippery slope, and if a rebuttal video game is the worse reaction EA gets, then so be it.  It'll be interested to see how Iran's game turns out.