iPads are a good thing for gaming, says analyst

Regardless of how you feel about iPads and their ability to play games, its hard to ignore that they are beginning to play a pivotal role in the gaming industry.  Heck on, Angry Birds alone sold 6.5 million copies on Christmas day.

iPad and other mobile games may not have the beef or graphics as console games, but they are quite popular.  But is it good for gaming?  Video game analyst Michael Pachter thinks so.

In a exclusive iPad feature on IndustryGamers, Pachter said, "I think more iPads is a good thing for gaming, although I don't think the specs on the iPad 3 will really encourage beefed up apps for a while."

While official specs haven't yet been confirmed, rumors have said the new iPad will come with a 9.7 inch screen, but an increased resolution of 2,048 1,536 pixels – similar to the iPhone 4.  Such a large number of pixels means Apple would have to increase the processor power, leading many to believe the iPad 3 will use a quad-core A6 processor resulting in even faster graphics processing.

Pachter continued, "Rather, it means more families with multiple iPads, more used iPads for sale at GameStop, more iPads overall."

“I think that if anything, iPads train more people to like games, and proliferation is good for the console market.”

I don't think iPads or mobile gaming will ever replace console gaming, but it definitely does cater to a different market.  I know tons of people who don't play console games, but will spend hours playing games like Angry Birds.  I think games on the iPad are less intimidating and more of a time-killer, which is why people are more apt to engage in it.

So in a sense, I agree that it's good for a certain aspect of the gaming industry, but hardly for AAA publishers.