iPad console for pinball enthusiasts

There is nothing quite like the feel of a spring loaded knob between your fingers as your start your first ball on a pinball machine.  Let’s be real though, unless you’re quite well off, you don’t have a pinball machine in your house.  If you’re a pinball enthusiasts though AND an iPad owner… well, you may be quite excited for this new console accessary.

This bad boy connects wireless to your iPad.  The console is designed for 1 and 2 players.  The app attached to this device comes with 5 free tables that include Wild West, the Deep, Snow Pinball, DaVinci and Jungle Style.  With real pinball flippers and spring loaded ball launcher, a true pinball experience can be experienced from the comfort o0f your own home.

The kicker, is that this console goes for $60.  That’s a bit more than what I expected.  For you die hard iPad pinball players, I can maybe see this as justified.