Inxile Entertainment Acquires Fantastic Contraption- Coming Soon For Iphone

December 16, 2008

inXile entertainment ACQUIRES
Fantastic Contraption


inXile entertainment today announced
the acquisition of Fantastic Contraption, an online physics puzzle game that the
company sees as the next Line Rider. The brainchild of independent developer
Colin Northway, Fantastic Contraption was first released over the internet in
July of 2008 and to date almost three million people from almost every country
in the world have visited the site, creating millions of contraptions. inXile
holds the rights to Fantastic Contraption for all platforms and plans to release
an iPhone™ application in time for the holiday season.

“Fantastic Contraption fits
perfectly with our user generated content strategy and when we combine the 1
million unique visitors a month from Line Rider with the Fantastic Contraption
traffic, it doubles our traffic to 2 million unique people each month,” said
Brian Fargo, chief executive officer of inXile entertainment. “We believe
Fantastic Contraption is the next internet phenomenon and in this era of large
game companies producing big, expensive games, some of the most amazing games
are the product of one person with a vision. Fantastic Contraption is just that
sort of game and we knew it the first time we played it.”

Fantastic Contraption is a physics
puzzle game where the objective in each level is to move all red objects into a
rectangular goal area. Players are provided with a blue rectangular building
area and different materials to build their device.

“The idea of Fantastic Contraption
came to me in a flash and I spent every waking hour working on it,” said Colin
Northway, indie game developer and the creator of Fantastic Contraption. “When
my friends and family played early versions and couldn’t stop playing, I knew I
had something and when within a week of its release there were over 20,000
people a day playing it, wow, I was just amazed!”

Northway continued, “My dreams for
Fantastic Contraption have outgrown my ability to realize them on my own as
there is a limit to what one person sitting on the couch with a laptop can do.
After talking with inXile, it became immediately clear that they shared my
passion for games and my dreams for Fantastic Contraption so it was a no-brainer
to work with them.”