Introversion Probably Won’t Be Working With Microsoft Again

Introversion, the developer behind Darwinia+ as well as Defcon and the upcoming Subversion, have decided they won’t be working with Microsoft anymore. The news comes via an interview with PCGamer, where Mark Morris of Introversion addressed the issue.

“Do we regret working with Microsoft? No, but it’s unlikely we’ll work with them again,” he said. Darwinia+ barely made a blip on the radar when it released onto XBLA. The game drowned in a sea of releases, and by the time Microsoft tried to promote it through deal of the week offers, it was too late for the title. “XBLA were good to us and put us in the deal of the week, but it had no impact. Steam promotion was an order of magnitude better.”

The lengthy development and certification process Introversion went through probably didn’t help matters. The company famously documented the entire process on their website, though now it seems the article has been removed. “[Microsoft] make you work harder on the production value, but they don’t back it up with sales.”