Introducing Professor B M Werken!

January 15, 2009

Introducing Professor B M Werken!

Introducing to you the man behind

The Professor is a good man at heart
but seems to work way too hard for his own good, he almost seems obsessive… He’s
a bit of a worrier – always checking and double-checking everything, and
constantly worried about his own health. In the old days, he was a bit of a bon
vivant, and elements of that seep through in the way he is now. But what has
caused him to change so much? Is there a terrible secret in his past? Why does
D-Troit hate him so much?

The Professor is very intelligent;
you don’t get to where the Professor is through luck alone. He’s a smart man,
but increasingly old and doddery. He tends to forget where he puts things, and
probably doesn’t have too many of his own teeth anymore. The professor is also a
bit of a worrier and hypochondriac. Not all the time, just when he’s at work, or
stressed. It wasn’t always like this, back in the old days, there wouldn’t be a
fashionable dinner party in town that the Professor wasn’t invited to. He loved
the finer things in life, but some terrible event in his life seems to have
changed him.

About CID The Dummy

A star is born and he’s made to
last. CID THE DUMMY makes his debut in Oxygen Games’ all-new action platformer.
CID THE DUMMY is sure to grab you with its enjoyable, fun gameplay, featuring a
totally original character with charisma and lots of moves. CID has many
different fighting styles with which to battle enemies, from unarmed combat to
weapons like the Bazooka that can freeze, hit and burn.

  • Interact as only a crash impact
    dummy can. Climb walls, swing on ropes, burn obstacles, destroy exploding
    barrels, use lifters, bounce on springs and with a neat head butt destroy
    walls all in stunningly realized environments. Game environment interaction is
    the most important part of the gameplay.

  • CID’s world is swarming with a
    host of fearfully fun enemies like the Dumper, Cursed Dummy and the bizarre
    Failed Experiment.

  • Apart from fighting enemies, the
    player will enjoy solving puzzles, avoiding traps and using acrobatic skills
    to get out of dangerous situations!