Intec Launches Sony PlayStation 2 Slim Gaming Accessories

Intec Launches Sony®
PlayStation® 2 Slim Gaming Accessories

Lineup Designed
Exclusively for the New Sony PS2 Console


(Miami, FL)
– February 24, 2005 – Intec, Inc., the leading manufacturer of
cross-platform video game accessories, today introduced its new line-up of
accessories designed exclusively for the new Sony® PlayStation® 2 slim console. 
The line-up, which offers a full complement of products, including items such as
an aluminum protective case, vertical stand, power adaptors for home and travel,
A/V selectors and multi-tap adaptors – all of which are set to enhance a gamer’s
experience when using the new console, will begin shipping in North America on
March 1, 2005.


With Sony’s new
PS2 comes a variety of multi-player games.  Intec offers gamers the best options
for setting up and playing.  The Multi-Tap (G7610 – MSRP $14.99), which is
customized to fit the new slim profile of the PS2, slides right into position
and locks into place, keeping the console connected and secure.  Next, Intec
offers the A/V Selector with Multi-Tap (G7616 – MSRP $29.99), which allows users
to connect their new PS2 plus three more additional components to their TV.  It
offers a remote control for easy switching from one component to the next,
meaning users no longer have to connect and disconnect their console, DVD
player, and/or digital and video cameras to and from their TV! 


Intec’s new lineup
for the PS2 slim also offers players two storage space options.  The Vertical
Stand (G7645 – $4.99), which is perfect for inside the home, allows users to
maximize their gaming space with a stand built just for the new PS2.  It
features four integrated memory card slots so users can keep track of their
memory cards.  Next, the Pro Gamer’s Case (G7660 – MSRP $29.99), which is built
with special compartments for the new PS2, its controllers, cables, and games,
is perfect for the gamer on-the-go.  A combination lock keeps the enclosed
gaming gear safe and it protects the new PS2 with a soft padded interior and
tough, custom-designed exterior aluminum shell. 


Lastly, Intec
offers gamers two power charging solutions for the new PS2.  For gamers looking
to take their game on the road, Intec’s new Car Adaptor (G7690 – MSRP $14.99) is
the perfect solution for powering up their PS2 in the car.  It features a power
regulator, which is embedded into the unit.  This allows players to plug it
directly into the PS2 without having to carry the cumbersome AC power brick that
comes with the PS2.  Finally, Intec offers the Power Max (G7691 – MSRP $19.99)
charging solution.  Power Max is a power replacement for the new PS2, and
includes both the power regulator and the wall plug-in unit.


About Intec

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