Open to Gamers

March 10, 2008
Open to Gamers

The Next Big Thing in Web Gaming is Here; Sign
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InstantAction today invited gamers across the
globe to enter its public beta. Offering fully 3D, console-like games in a web
browser, InstantAction is launching with four games available to the public

“Initial feedback on InstantAction from gamers
has been very positive and we are ready to pull the covers off and let everyone
take a look,” said Josh Williams, CEO of GarageGames. “Even though it’s early,
and there is a lot more to add and improve, InstantAction is already impressive.
Now with the community’s help, we’re going to work on making it truly mind

With the public beta, four games – MarbleBlast
Online, Screw Jumper, Think Tanks and Wideload Shorts’ Cyclomite – are already
playable. More games will be added in the coming weeks, including the much
anticipated FPS, Fallen Empire: Legions.

Early comments from beta testers have filled the
InstantAction feedback boards. Regarding MarbleBlast Online, one tester said of
his first experience with the title, “This game is surprisingly a lot of fun to
play.” While another tester praised Wideload Shorts’ Cyclomite proclaiming
“Cyclomite is my new favorite addiction on It’s good, crazy

Social gaming is a core part of the InstantAction
experience. Gamers can host parties and invite their friends to jump into a game
via a URL link which can be sent via email or IM. Gamers can also seamlessly
switch games and move their party with them.

“This is only the beginning. New games and
features will be added each month,” added Williams.