Inspect the many dimensions of these new Quantum Conundrum screens

Developer Airtight Games and Portal level designer Kim Swift are deep into development for their upcoming title, Quantum Conundrum, which Square Enix is overseeing as publisher. In wake of the Game Developers Conference came a batch of new screenshots for the game.

In Quantum Conundrum, players must locate the character's missing uncle, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. One of his science experiments, quite possibly, has morphed his mansion into an unruly dimensional playground. Switching between the now four dimensions changes rooms and their objects and will clear the path to the absent professor. Players can also alter the properties of time and gravity.

The game is slated for PC, XBLA, and PSN this summer. More screenshots are available on the game's website.

You can also follow Fitz Quadwrangle (@ProfQuadwrangle) on Twitter.

Quantum Conundrum 2

Quantum Conundrum 3

Quantum Conundrum 4

Quantum Conundrum 5

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