Insomniac teases everyone with studio-wide Spider-Man PS4 playtest

We'll just keep sitting here then...

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Insomniac Games is taking to their official Twitter account teasing the fact that they are playing their upcoming Spider-Man PS4 exclusive while the rest of us schmucks are sitting here twiddling our thumbs while…not playing it. It’s all in good fun of course, but what’s interesting is that the studio has posted an image of what the logo on the PS4’s dashboard will look like.

It’s not a total surprise, but it’s a nice glimpse into what’s to come.

Insomniac recently got an influx of talent when former Rise of the Tomb Raider director, Brian Horton joined the Spider-Man project as a Design Director. Ever since the game’s impressive E3 2017 gameplay debut, more details about the game have gradually filtered out.

The gameplay revolves around four main pillars, melee, web-slinging, environmental actions, and gadgets, and players will also be able to control Mary Jane during “key moments” of the game.

Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 doesn’t currently have a release date, but it is expected to come out sometime this year.