Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet lands on PC in two weeks

Are aesthetically pleasing games missing from your life? Do you play too many realistic titles and feel like it's time for a change? Or perhaps, do you just really dig colorful games with an awesome sense of style?

If you answered yes to any of those questions and you don't own an Xbox 360, you may be pleased to know that Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is getting the PC treatment. Previously available exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade, the Microsoft-published shoot 'em up is now reaching a wider audience.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet was praised by GameZone's Robert Workman, who awarded it a great 8/10 score for its "eloquent art style, innovative concepts, and sheer sense of overall fun." Well, that sounds like a winner to me. Funny thing is I've wanted to play the game for some time, and I actually didn't own an Xbox 360 until just two weeks ago. Dilemma!

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet lands on the PC in two weeks on April 17. You'll have the choice of snagging it on Steam or Games for Windows Live Marketplace for $14.99. The Steam version seems like the way to go, though, as there will be a 25 percent off sale starting April 10 leading up to the game's PC launch. Additionally, the Shadow Hunters DLC will be thrown in for free. Looks like my dilemma's solved!

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