Insane PSVR gameplay for Hitman 3 shows highly-immersive sandbox

Only confirmed for PSVR at the moment

With less than two weeks for its launch, IO Interactive shared more VR gameplay footage for Hitman 3. The final entry of the Hitman reboot has full VR support across all three games. You can check out the trailer on YouTube or below!

With Hitman 3, the final entry into the ‘World of Assassination’ trilogy will soon arrive. There’s even a cloud version for the Nintendo Switch in the works. That one works via cloud streaming. But unlike the previous two Hitman titles, the third one manages to change the entire trilogy in a huge way.

Hitman 3 not only is a full-fledged experience on its own, but it also features VR. A first for the series. And unlike many other big studios that release VR versions that are often compromised, it’s a very different story here.

Players will be able to experience the entirety of Hitman 3 in virtual reality without any drawbacks. The developer promises the full Hitman experience. Furthermore, this VR support will extend to the previous two games as well.

So, even if you played Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018), this is a perfect reason for a replay. VR not only changes the viewpoint from third-person to first-person, it basically offers an entirely new game.

Playing the entire trilogy in VR will no doubt lead to a fresh experience. As the new trailer already shows, a more action-oriented playstyle might even come naturally. A strategy most players probably didn’t take in the past at all.

Developer IO Interactive only mentions PlayStation VR up until now, but the studio also didn’t say PC gamers will be left out. We suspect VR support will also come to PC sooner or later. Then again, Sony did make VR-exclusivity deals with other third-party companies in the past. Just remember that Resident Evil’s VR mode never made it to the PC.