Innovative Strategy Action Game TRAPT Ships To Retailers

Innovative Strategy Action Game TRAPT Ships To

TRAPT, the Unique Action Game from the
Creators of the Fatal Frame Series, Captures Retail Shelves this Week

TORRANCE, Calif. November 1, 2005— Tecmo
announced today that its strategy action game TRAPT™ for the PlayStation®2
computer entertainment system has shipped to stores nationwide. As Allura, a
princess framed for her father’s murder, the player sets deadly and torturous
traps to bring Allura’s attackers to their mangled deaths.

“Hailed as one of the more unique and interesting
games of this holiday season, TRAPT offers an unparalleled combination of
puzzle-solving, action, strategy and horror,” said Andrea Frechette, marketing
manager at Tecmo Inc. “Constantly unlocking new and more devastating traps, this
one of a kind experience is a game you just don’t want to stop playing.”

Game critics continue to praise TRAPT for its
unique and addictive game play:

  • “What’s not to like about a game that lets
    you drop unsuspecting foes into awful booby traps? Nothing, that’s what.” –
  • “TRAPT is something of a guilty pleasure.” –
  • “There really is too much to describe about
    the enormous amount of stuff to do in TRAPT.” – GameDAILY


Equal parts action and strategy, TRAPT features a
unique system that lets players set a variety of traps throughout each level to
create intense combinations that burn, maim, skewer, electrocute, fling,
confuse, pulverize and eventually obliterate Princess Allura’s attackers. Framed
for her father’s murder, Allura runs from avengers to discover she has been
cursed by the devil with the ability to set a growing arsenal of deadly traps
with which to defend herself. Players unlock hidden areas and more gruesome
traps as they progress throughout the game, creating a nearly endless
combination of traps that makes each player’s experience unique. In addition to
room-specific environmental traps and Allura’s own stockpile of handheld traps,
some rooms are host to complex, over-the-top Dark Illusions that, once
unleashed, wreak havoc on Allura’s enemies with unparalleled style and exacting

Choices made in TRAPT ’s main Story Mode and
optional side story missions lead to multiple endings. Players will need to
unlock and master Allura’s most devastating handheld traps to withstand the
game’s Survival Mode.

TRAPT is available exclusively for the
PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system for a suggested retail price of
$49.99 and is rated “M” (“Mature” – Blood, Violence – content suitable for
persons ages 17 and older). For the latest news and images for TRAPT, or to
order the game online, visit Tecmo’s official website at .