Injustice: Gods Among Us – Superman vs. Sinestro and Green Arrow vs. Hawkgirl

Who would win in battles between DC classics such as Superman vs. Sinestro and Green Arrow vs. Hawkgirl? Can the Man of Steel defeat the leader of the fear rings? What about a master marksman vs. the lady bird? Watch the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena match ups for this week and vote before Friday night. On Friday, Warner Brothers Entertainment will release a video showing the outcome in Injustice: Gods Among Us gameplay footage.  

I certainly didn’t know that Superman’s invulnerabilities don’t work against magic… maybe Sinestro has a chance. Can Hawkgirl reach Green Arrow before he shoots an arrow right between the eyes? This is the last matchup of round one before the quarter finals.  

If the video playing above isn’t enough, check out the celebrity thoughts from Wayne Brady and Tara Strong. There is also Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, if that is more your speed. Enjoy.