Injustice: Gods Among Us is down to Batman and Superman in the battle arena

After weeks of toil and bloodshed, the Injustice: Gods Among Us battle arena is down to the last two contestants: Batman and Superman. That’s right, Batman defeated The Flash and Superman defeated Green Lantern. While these matches come down to fan votes, it really has always been more about a popularity contest than a “who is better" competition.

Let’s face it Superman fans, this battle has happened a few times in the comics and Batman always wins. The world’s greatest detective would exploit the Man of Steel’s few weaknesses and just defeat him. With that said, Batman doesn’t exactly have access to those tools in Injustice and the outcome of the battle will depend on fan votes.  

Stay tuned for the final outcome in the battle arena. My vote is on Batman. The two semifinal matches can be watched below. Enjoy.