Infogrames, Inc. Racks ’em Up Nationwide as Real Pool 2 Ships




Top-Selling Billiards Game
Ships February 19


19, 2002 – The fun and friendly competition of billiards comes home this month
with Infogrames, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: IFGM) Real Pool 2 for the PC. 
Developed by The Groove Alliance, Real Pool 2 features the
advanced 3D Groove Engine and is so close to the real thing, all
that’s missing is the smoky room and the little guy named Mickey who rents out
the tables.

“Pool is one of the
America’s most popular pastimes and with more than four million dollars in total
sales, our Real Pool franchise has truly captured both the hardcore PC
player, and the casual gamer markets,” said Paul Rinde, Vice President of
Marketing for Infogrames.  “With its freedom of movement, photo-realistic
graphics and true-to-life physics, Real Pool 2 is once again
positioned to be the dominant pool game of choice.”

Featuring a host of
innovative highlights, Real Pool 2 is the consummate billiards
game that includes a robust offering of games, including 9-Ball, 8-Ball, One
Pocket and Straight Pool.  With photo-realistic, real-time 3D graphics that
offer 360-degrees of movement, Real Pool 2 puts players in the
poolroom as they attempt to hustle their way to the Grand Championship. 

Whether “shooting stick” in
Pool Shark mode against 12 colorful characters – each with their own distinctive
traits and skill levels — or online against real-life competition, Real
Pool 2
will have players chalking up their controllers as they attempt
to run the table and earn the Golden Cue Award.

Ratcheting up the realism is
Real Pool 2’s proprietary Groove Engine that provides
sophisticated physics that result in realistic trajectories and collisions,
including top-spin, side-spin, bottom-spin, and banking.  Multiple points of
view from both the top-down and player perspective offer distinctive playing
experiences, and an all-new Aiming Tool helps beginners and pros line up
difficult shots;

Real Pool 2

is available this month for an estimated retail price of $19.99. 


About Infogrames

New York-based Infogrames, Inc.
(Nasdaq: IFGM) is one of the largest third-party publishers of interactive
entertainment software in the U.S.  The Company develops video games for all
consoles (Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft), PCs, and Macintosh systems. Infogrames’
catalogue of more than 1,000 titles includes award-winning franchises such as
, Backyard Sports, Deer Hunter, Driver,
Roller Coaster Tycoon
, Test Drive, and Unreal, and key
licenses including Survivor, Warner Bros. Looney Tunes,
Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues
, Dragon Ball Z, Mission Impossible,
Harley-Davidson, Major League Baseball, and the National
Football League
, among many others.  The Company’s Humongous Entertainment
and MacSoft labels are leaders in children’s and Macintosh entertainment
software, respectively.

Infogrames, Inc. is a
majority-owned subsidiary of France-based Infogrames Entertainment SA (IESA) (Euronext
5257), a global publisher and distributor of video games for all platforms, as
well as interactive digital television, mobile smart devices (WAP, HDML) and
in-flight entertainment systems.  In 2001, IESA acquired Infogrames Interactive,
Inc. (formerly Hasbro Interactive), including its right to sell its line of
software based on well-known licenses such as Monopoly, Jeopardy,
Tonka, and Atari, which are published and distributed in the U.S.
by Infogrames, Inc.  For more information, visit the Company’s Web site at


2002 ARUSH Entertainment.  Developed by The Groove Alliance,
Inc.  This product contains the 3D Groove™ game engine licensed from The Groove
Alliance.  3D Groove game engine 200 The Groove Alliance.  ARUSH, the ARUSH
logo and ARUSH Entertainment are trademarks of World Entertainment Broadcasting
Corporation.  The Groove Alliance logo is a trademark of The Groove Alliance,
Inc. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their
respective owners. All rights reserved.  Manufactured and marketed by Infogrames,
Inc., New York, N.Y. under license from ARUSH Entertainment.


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