Infinity Ward Emphasizes PC Experience for CoD Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty first conquered the PC market, until it expanded onto consoles where it ended up dominating. This however meant that devs focused more on the console iterations, leaving PC players in the dust.

Modern Warfare 2 further emphasized this lack of attention to PC gamers with its complete lack of dedicated servers and host of network features, which were luckily implemented back with Black Ops.

Infinity Ward spokesman Robert Bowling spoke out on the matter, stating that the development team "put a ton on emphasis" on the PC version. This is a carefully timed statement since it's been revealed that Battlefield 3 will have an extremely dedicated experience on the PC.

Dedicated servers are obviously prefered over player hosted ones since they provide a much better and stable connection, rather than play off of someones created server at home. This also eliminates the hassle when the host disconnects, and keeps the game going.

Bowling further adds that matchmaking, game lobbies, Steam intergration and dedicated servers will be present in Modern Warfare on the PC, along with the in-game server from Modern Warfare making a return.

"In addition, we're supporting PC specific features that give you even more control over your experience like RCON, Custom game Saving, NoGFX / Audio Card Requirement on DS.exe, Voice Chat, and SSAO," said Bowling in a community post.

The PC version of Modern Warfare 3 supports private match options, including the ability to run dedicated servers with full customizability over class restrictions and custom game mode creation, such as One In the Chamber, Gun Game, and Infected.

Much like the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the in-game server allows players to search for dedicated servers or run a private dedicated server. Games can be sorted and filtered through the host of options typically available to multiplayer games on the PC.