Infinity Blade: Dungeons put on hold as Epic Games cuts ties with Big Huge Games

Not every fairy tale has a happy ending, I suppose. Back in June, Gears of War studio Epic Games announced plans to open a new studio in Baltimore. It would be staffed by members of Big Huge Games, the developers of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning who were laid off as part of Curt Schilling's 38 Studios bankruptcy. It was certainly a heartfelt story, but unfortunately it's one that doesn't have the happiest of endings.

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney confirmed today the closure of Impossible Studios, as the studio was titled. As a result, Infinity Blade: Dungeons, the upcoming dungeon crawler for the new iPad, would be put on hold.

"When former members of Big Huge Games approached Epic last year, we saw the opportunity to help a great group of people while putting them to work on a project that needed a team," Sweeney explained. "It was a bold initiative and the Impossible folks made a gallant effort, but ultimately it wasn’t working out for Epic."

Epic Games will provide Impossible Studios employees with 3 months of severance pay as well as the "opportunity to form a new company with the Impossible Studios name and the awesome Impossibear logo."

In the meantime, Epic Games will attempt to "figure out the future" of the Infinity Blade: Dungeons project.