inFamous games get a discount ahead of Second Son’s release

Celebrating the impending release of inFamous: Second Son on PS4 next month, Sony Europe has decided to go ahead and give PlayStation fans a chance to catch up in the series. Starting today, past inFamous titles will be available at a discount for PSN Europe.

PlayStation owners looking to get into Sucker Punch's open-world action-adventure series can easily do so with the inFamous Collection. This includes the original inFamous, inFamous 2 and its Festival of Blood DLC. If you're only missing one or two of those, then you can purchase each of the games individually. There's also an additional 10 percent discount on all purchases for PS Plus members. Check out the full price breakdown over on the PS Blog.

Unfortunately, no similar discount has been announced stateside, but my fingers are crossed. I know plenty of new PlayStation 4 owners excited for Second Son, but unfamiliar with the inFamous universe. 

InFamous: Second Son is due out for PS4 exclusively on March 21.