iNetMania Now Available for Download on the Apple App Store!

April 2, 2009

iNetMania Now Available for
Download on the Apple App Store!

Act now and get in on the special
promotional price

TechPad Productions, a social media
research and online publication company, announced today that its first game,
iNetMania, is now ready for download for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch! It is
available for a limited-time promotional price of $2.99 USD (regularly $4.99)
from the Apple App Store and can be found at

iNetMania is based upon TechPad’s
popular board game, ServerMania, which features players competing to build a
successful web hosting company and finish with the most money at the end of the
game. iNetMania uses a similar format and rule set as the award-winning board
game, but instead of a web hosting company, your goal is to create a successful

In iNetMania, you compete with up to
three other players (either in hot-seat mode with human controlled opponents or
an intelligent computer-controlled AI) all the way from the start-up phase to
the finish line, with plenty of highs and lows (or “Spikes and “Slumps”) along
the way. Increase your web traffic with savvy rolling, lucky card draws and
strategy, as more visitors translate into more money – the player with the
largest pile of cash at the end of the game wins!

iNetMania has loads of great
features, including:

Great graphics with dynamic,
fluid, openGL animations

A quick-play option that allows
you to get into the game quickly and easily

Easy to understand rules and a low
learning curves ensures that anyone can get in on the fun

The ability to create up to 30
profiles to keep track of your progress and prowess

Gameplay achievements (similar to
Xbox 360 Achievements) that set gameplay goals, allow you to track your prowess
against your friends and lead to unlockable content, including new game pieces!
Auto-save gameplay (if you quit or have to take a call) An Accelerometer-based,
3D dice cup to roll the die – a first for the iPhone! Swap n’ Play™ with up to
three other AI or human-controlled players

iNetMania is the internet
entrepreneur iPhone experience that allows you to grow your own website company
from the ground up using lifelike scenarios. Make millions on the go with
iNetMania for the iPhone!

To learn more about the iPhone Game
iNetMania, please visit:

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Productions, please visit