IndieGameStand: pay what you want, Escape Goat now available

The indie bundle formula has always been fairly rewarding. Gamers pay a certain amount of their choosing for a selection of games and the proceeds are split up amongst the developers, distributors, and oftentimes charity. IndieGameStand utilizes a similar technique, but it changes things up considerably.

Every 96 hours, IndieGameStand adds a new game for folks to buy. These gamers pay what they want, and bam, they've got a new game. It's a nice way to ensure that you're always playing something and saving money while you do so.

Currently available on IndieGameStand is developer MagicalTimeBean's Escape Goat, which has previously been made available through Xbox Live Indie Games and Desura. The game is a retro-inspired puzzle platformer that tasks you with helping a goat and mouse escape a nasty prison. I'm sold!

Ten percent of all proceeds from Escape Goat will go to the American Red Cross, which is awesome. Additionally, if you beat the average price (currently $1.86), you'll get some sweet bonuses including the game's snazzy soundtrack. Meanwhile paying a minimum of $10 will get you the last game available on IndieGameStand, Chester, and a download of the next title that will be available.

If you're looking for some indie gaming awesomeness and want to support a great cause, check out IndieGameStand for yourself. As of this writing, Escape Goat has about 52 hours left on the clock, so get to it!


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