IndieGameStand and Syder Arcade give you the space pew pew for $1

Developer Studio Evil has just submitted Syder Arcade to IndieGameStand, thus making it the latest pay-what-you-want deal on the site. The game features old school space shooter gameplay and comes bundled with a prototype of the studio's "7DFPS" title Splat Arena.

A buck will get you the game, while beating the average will also earn you the Amiga-inspired soundtrack. Generous folks who pay $10 will get Syder Arcade, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, and the next game that pops up on IndieGameStand.

Studio Evil is using its powers for good and has chosen Medecins Sans Frontieres as its charity. Ten percent of all proceeds will go to the foundation. As of this writing, there are 89 hours left on this IndieGameStand special.


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