IndieGameStand and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter give you shmup and RPG action for $1

It's awesome when games only cost a buck. It's even more awesome when said games are actually good. Such is the case with Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, which is currently available for as little as $1 on IndieGameStand.

The Vlambeer-developed turn-based shoot 'em up features light RPG elements and plenty of that tried and true Serious Sam humor. Beating the average price (currently $1.32) will get you The Random Encounter, Karate, Yeti Hunter, Super Puppy Boy, and Luftrauser. Paying $10 will get you the current deal, a download of The Journey Down: Chapter One, and the next IndieGameStand title.

Child's Play Charity is the foundation chosen by Vlambeer this time around. As per usual, 10 percent of all proceeds will go to this organization. If you haven't already played The Random Encounter, I'd highly recommend you check it out. It's short, but it's a hell of a game regardless.

There are 73 hours left on this deal as of this writing, so get to it.


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