Indie Game Soul Brother Offers Retro Puzzle Platforming

Indie games consistently cater to the retro crowd, and a new side-scrolling puzzle platformer is sure to win over fans of the genre. Soul Brother on Adult Swim Games harks back to the NES era of gaming with its old school graphics and 1980s level design. Though it will likely grab the attention of retro fans, any indie gamer can get enjoyment out of this free browser-based game.

The core gameplay in Soul Brother has you possessing a number of different characters. Characters can perform varying actions–cats jump fairly high, and birds fly across stages. You can also possess characters who double jump and push large blocks.

You take control of other characters by sacrificing yourself. Unlike most games, you are not penalized for dying. Instead, death is a part of the gameplay in Soul Brother, and you can attain death by jumping onto spikes or by touching enemies. Upon dying, your spirit will fly toward another character in the level, and you can possess it and use its abilities to your advantage.

Soul Brother is an engaging side-scroller that offers solid puzzle platforming gameplay, producing a satisfying and rewarding experience. The game is accessible, intuitive, and enjoyable. If you’re looking for some old-style fun, Soul Brother delivers. This is an easy recommendation for indie gamers and retro fans alike.

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