Indie party game Spin the Bottle set to land on Wii U in spring 2013

Developer KnapNok Games has announced Spin the Bottle, a party game for the Wii U that looks quite interesting to say the least. The game is being developed to provide an eight-player experience and is expected to launch sometime in spring 2013.

Spin the Bottle is played directly through the Wii U GamePad. With the TV turned off, players sit around the GamePad, spin a bottle that appears on the controller's touchscreen, and pair up to complete certain tasks using Wii Remotes. According to Knapnok, these activities "might involve tight coordination, daring trust, body contact, or extreme flexibility."

Check out the trailer for an idea of what to expect when Spin the Bottle launches next year. Okay, so this particular trailer may not exactly give you the most specific idea of what the game is all about, but it's still pretty cool. Seriously, that music!

The folks at Knapnok previously worked on titles such as the interesting Dark Room Sex Game and the awesome B.U.T.T.O.N. as part of Copenhagen Game Collective. It's great to see indie devs creating promising and offbeat experiences on the Wii U. Watch out for Spin the Bottle next spring.

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